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The European AI Act and Generative AI

The volume "Artificial Intelligence: The European Regulation and Respect for Rights Explained to Companies" is a clear and accessible exploration of European regulations regarding Artificial Intelligence, aimed at guiding companies in understanding and applying the regulatory framework related to these emerging technologies.

An introductory yet comprehensive resource for all companies looking to approach the field of Artificial Intelligence in a responsible and informed manner, providing them with the necessary tools to understand and comply with European laws and policies, while ensuring respect for human rights and the adoption of innovative and ethical technologies.

Unfaithful employee

An easy-to-read guide for companies of all sectors and sizes interested in effectively managing issues related to employee betrayal.

The increasing prevalence of digital technologies and the ever-easier access to company information have heightened the risk of company data being stolen or improperly disclosed by employees, who represent the first line of defense for the company's security.

This e-book, provided by the 42 Law Firm, aims to offer a comprehensive overview of issues related to employee betrayal, providing insights and prevention tips for all companies looking to avoid being caught unprepared in a crisis situation.

The Metaverse: Practical Guide

The "legal" Metaverse as you've never read it before. Practical and operational advice for businesses, developers, and consumers to invest, produce, and sell content, guard against counterfeiting and scams, protect the brand, organize events. And plan tax payments.

The guide "Metaverse: Survival Manual for Web 3," prepared and published online on various platforms by 42LF - The Innovation Law Firm, answers many of the questions that creators, developers, entrepreneurs, and users are asking about what this "metaverse" is and how it works, and how to invest and/or operate and what protections to activate.

The Influencer Law

This volume represents a fundamental 'survival kit' for both the young influencer who is beginning to take the first steps in the industry and for the influencer who has gained some experience but has not yet included an expert legal advisor in their team.

Especially from this latter perspective, it is important to make a final reflection. The legal sector must increasingly come to terms with these new realities connected to the use of new technologies.
Reading these pages will also allow legal professionals to better understand the phenomenon of influencer marketing.

A Practical Guide to NFTs

NFTs are digital artifacts, commonly known as "non-fungible tokens," that utilize blockchain technology to create uniqueness and value for digital objects, or to certify and authenticate physical objects. They are also one of the current phenomena, with thousands of creators worldwide taking advantage of the peculiarities of this new tool to create value in their works.

The guide aims to instruct the reader on the creation and sale of simple NFTs, while also providing an initial examination of the technical and legal aspects of greatest interest, making this information available to all those who are intrigued by this new tool for managing property and related rights.