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Innovative since the beginning  

42 Law Firm is a next-generation law firm because:

About us

42LF is the law firm you wouldn't expect. We support the digital transformation of companies and the birth and development of startups from a privileged perspective: we know and are passionate about technology; we apply it when necessary, design it when it's absent, study it when it's new, and teach it when requested.

We operate in multidisciplinary teams with computer scientists and experts in digital transformation.

Our legal services are next-generation. In addition to the ability to operate by combining law and tech, we ensure innovative and compliant by design business solutions, both from a technological and business model standpoint.


Valerio Vertua
Partner Legal

Carlo Carmagnola
Tech Partner

Matteo Flora
Tech Partner

Lucia Maggi
Partner Legal

Giuseppe Vaciago
Partner Legal

Andrea Cavalloni
Partner Legal

Marco Tullio Giordano
Partner Legal

We are a Family Brand

42LF, through its partners, is part of a constellation of digital companies that integrate legal services.

42LF, together with LT42, a legal tech company that designs legal automation tools, constitutes a family brand. It also operates in partnership with Fulcri, a software house, The Fool, a Customer Insight platform to increase Value and Reputation, and The Magician for advocacy in times of crisis and polarized contexts.

For client companies, this means being able to count on integrated consultancy support that is legal, technological, and communicative.