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The enabler for “legal” access to the digital economy

Is your business in the midst of a digital transformation or has innovation projects that require tailor-made legal aid? Contact us!

Innovative by birth

42LF is a new generation law firm:
– is a company between lawyers owned by computer scientists and digital transformation experts;
– uses, designs and manufactures technical tools and solutions;
– all our lawyers combine traditional and digital skills, bridging the gap between law and technology

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We are a family brand

Through its partner, 42LF, is part of a constellation of digital companies that integrate legal services.
42LF with LT42with LT42, a legal tech company that design legal automation tools, constitute a family brand. This family brand operates in partnership with the software house Fulcri, the Customer Insight platform to increase Value and Reputation The Fool and The Magician for the advocacy in crisis and polarized contexts. For the business client this means being able to rely on an Integrated legal, technology and communication advisory support.


We know the law of new technologies (law tech), the more innovative technologies and new business model.
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Anti-Money Laundering

Blockchain & Crypto-Assets

Cloud Computing

Compliance with Legislative Decree 231


Digital Transformation

Right to be Forgotten and Online Reputation

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