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Attorney of the Milan Bar. He has been dealing with the issues of the law of new technologies since 2004. He has specialized in copyright law, particularly concerning the protection of software.

Since 2012, he has been managing the reputational issues on the web for his clients, leveraging a deep understanding of the online world and the underlying technologies.

He has been a subject matter expert for the Chair of Legal Informatics at the University of Milan and currently holds the same position at the University of Insubria.

He has developed profound expertise in the protection of corporate know-how from disloyal employees or competitors, which has led him to specialize in issues of unfair competition and, more generally, in industrial law.

Attorney Cavalloni also extends his expertise to commercial contract law, with a particular focus on electronic contracts and the world of e-commerce.

Moreover, Attorney Cavalloni has gained significant experience in litigation within the aforementioned areas of expertise.


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